PersPectiVe moVes

Lenses. We see the world through various lenses. I’m learning that I change lenses just as quickly as I glance around. And I’m learning that perspective changes depending on where you stand. See, (oh, sorry, pun not intended but we’ll go with it) I used to wake up each day expecting to feel good, or better than the day before. And was upset when I didn’t. Now, I expect to have Lyme symptoms each day, and so when I get asked “How are you?” my answer has changed from “meh.” to “I’m doing pretty well”. Not because I’ve decided to fake it, nor am I at all good at that, and not because I feel tons better (some, just not tons), but because I think differently about how I feel. Feeling better than I expected to while on the strong oral antibiotic has shown me both that I am improving some, and that what I expect has a lot to do with how I react.


Another lymer, blogger, mom and amazing person wrote about her house as she looked at through new “perspectacles” -I love that word. And this is what I picture perspectacles to look like:

I have recently needed new perspectacles on my own house. While that blogger looked at what she has compared to what others in the world strive for (clean water that comes out right inside her house as opposed to walking miles for tainted water, etc.) and I love seeing through the lenses of gratitude like that, I find myself less noble. Moving a few things around, doing a little touch-up here and there really helps put new lenses in for me looking at my house. Did I change more than the house? Maybe. Maybe I just feel better about being in it if I have the power to change things about it (again, sign that I am feeling better and that my view can change easily).

I change where I stand, my perspective changes. I see good today because I’ve gotten help and gotten done what I aimed to do. If I admit it, left alone for a few days and my ability to see good plummets. My positive outlook may be as frail as that -dependent on the support system I depend on. Whoa.

But there is hope for frail persepctacles. It’s like this –Jesus said “In this world you will have trouble” (John 16:33). So if you wake up each morning expecting it, you won’t get totally frazzled by 7am because your coffee spilled all over your stuff and your lunch just dumped out and the kids are whining about how their clothes don’t fit right and they’re hungry but that lunch sounds yucky. Trouble. It comes. You’ve been warned. Expect it. Marriage will have trouble (that’s two lives’ worth of trouble put together!). Health will have trouble. Life will have trouble. “But take heart! For I have overcome the world,” Jesus said next. Whew. I don’t have to. Lord, let me look through Your perspectacles, then I can take heart. The world is overcome, Lyme is overcome, trouble is overcome. I don’t have to overcome it or fix it. I better stand there and enjoy that view a while.


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