Mums the word…or is it?

Victory. Lyme Disease. Is there only one without the other?

Chrysanthemums may be my new favorite flower, being one of those rare treasures in life that fulfills my search for things that are not only beautiful, but functional and durable as well.Though I’ve never been much of a landscaper, it is now a mission of mine to plant this bold & beautiful flower, along with a slew of other plants, many called weeds, for my health.  My body, and all the people in my life affected by my tick-borne illnesses can agree that the best way to fight the effects is to avoid them in the first place.

Chrysanthemums repel ticks (and fleas),  as do marigolds, lavender, citronella grass, feverfew, garlic, and fleabane daisies. I also hope to cultivate more moth mullein, as it repels cockroaches, and chicory and dandelions, as their leaves and roots are both highly nutritious.  I will foster the mulberry trees and mint for their leaves, and will have to eventually garden vegetables for myself to keep eating the diet that helps me fight this disease. Either that or evacuate everyone I can into a perfect haven where diseases cannot thrive. Oh, wait a sec -that’s God’s plan. So I’ll keep fighting, then, and praying, and holding onto that hope, while I share it.

my mums from my mom

my mums from my mom

Here I will blog my ideas, attempts and thoughts, joining in the efforts worldwide to remove the “mums” concerning the unspoken truths of Lyme disease, about medicine practices and insurance coverage and health in diet, and the struggles against illness, and the realization of one’s own limitations and disabilities and how it all plays into the human condition.

I have tick-borne illnesses. Lyme Disease. Borrelia Burgdorferi, Bartonella, Babesia. So far in the two and a half years that I have experienced dizziness, cognitive lapses and “brain fog”, aches, pain in many places, some of it constant, G.I. issues, numbness, seizures, trips to the ER and specialists in neurology, dizziness, migraines, pelvic and G.I. health, hormones, and a few other doctors, I have come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with tick-borne illness is to prevent it.

I reached a diagnosis six months ago, and have been in treatment, with very little steps toward regaining health and my life. Treatment makes me feel worse, if it works, as it is killing off the sneaky spirochetes -corkscrew shaped bacteria that literally have bored into my nervous system and formed its own cysts to live in my body, or at least some of them.

As the battle rages on the cellular level, I have learned new ways of living, thinking, eating, doing (and more often not doing) and relating. I live now without driving (or even owning) my own car. I used to think for several jobs, schedules, responsibilities, and now think for my diet, rest, appointments and what it will take to see that the needs of the house and family are covered. My kids are so bored with me. My husband wants his wife back. My parents probably do more caring for me now than when I was 12. My friends I mostly see or talk to when they are helping care for my family in some way. Church is no longer a community I participate in. But I also used to be very confident in what I could do myself. I loved being in charge of what I did. I was busy. Tired. Frazzled. I knew I should focus more on a mission for my life. Being sick has allowed God to teach me. I have learned to slow down. Literally. Daily. I am learning the difference between wholeness and physical health. I eat a diet more strict and healthy than I ever have, but always wanted to follow. I now appreciate mums, with their beauty, function, durability.

I hope to post to this blog other rarities that qualify as having all three traits. I hope I too can fit the bill. And be whole. And share wholeness. And maybe even healing. And all along the way, hopefully plant some seeds that grow to embody beauty, purpose and lasting strength as I explore, theorize, wrestle with and communicate what is happening. “Mums the word” -or not, as this Victoria doesn’t want to keep secrets.


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